YoYo it Forward

Beginning the day with a positive message is the only way to go, and the elementary school was given that opportunity when the NED program came to CVC on Wednesday morning. The entire elementary [...]

CVC Volleyball Aces Carwash

The volleyball team has always taken Labor Day literally – and this year was no exception. While many were enjoying the Booster’s Pancake Breakfast over at the elementary campus, the high school [...]

Will Eat for Athletics

Anytime I can eat for a cause, I’m in. That’s why on Labor Day morning you could have found me eating a dairyman-size stack of pancakes in the name of CVC sports. As a “newbie” to the CVC [...]

It’s Official: Sunrise for the 2015 CVC Seniors

Sunrise, new beginnings, excitement, a bit of nervousness, and more all described the Senior Sunrise event held at the CVC stadium on August 29. In typical senior fashion, students trickled in as [...]