Cavalier Feature: Happy Trails To You

Written by Marissa Carpenter, CVC‘s Director of Marketing & Enrollment Of all the days I could have chosen to head out to Happy Trails, I chose the one day of the first week in May that [...]

Cavalier Feature: Alumni Interview

Karl Rosenberger, Engineer, interviewed by Marissa Carpenter, Director of Marketing and Enrollment Marissa:  What is your occupation? Karl:  I’m a Systems/Software Engineer at Boeing. Which [...]

School’s Out For Summer…Now What? [Part 2]

12 Things to Do at Home and Around Town For FREE [Or Almost Free]: School’s out for summer, and now that you have that song stuck in your head, you’ve got to find something to distract [...]

School’s Out For Summer…Now What? [Part 1]

Did you make a countdown chain this year, counting down to the start of summer? You know, the one where as more chains come off, your children become increasingly ecstatic and you start sweating [...]