Cavalier Feature: New Faces

Ever see a new face on campus and wonder who they are (or maybe what their favorite breakfast is)? Wonder no longer! Welcome to the CVC community, Frank, Julie, Robin, Steve, Annette, and [...]

Cavalier Feature: Making an Impact

We promise not to abuse the many pun opportunities afforded by this subject By Marissa Carpenter, Director of Marketing & Enrollment Each Thursday, the high school student body gathers at [...]

Cavalier Feature: High School Goes Heavy Metal

How three CVC teachers worked together to build a lesson plan spanning three classes and multiple grade levels to create a heavy metal moment. By Marissa Carpenter, Director of Marketing & [...]

Confessions of a CVC Teacher: The Best Lesson

Compiled by Marissa Carpenter, Director of Marketing and Enrollment Wow! we joke. I wish I had two weeks off at Christmas, one week off at Easter and a whole summer off! Those teachers have the [...]

Aiding & A Blessing: Marta Smalley

By Blake Hiemstra, Central Valley Christian Middle School Principal In a country with a beleaguered economy, having a job is a gift.  Having a job that you love is a blessing.  Working in a place [...]

See Spot Run: Tackling the reading challenge and how to help your children like it

The kinds of homes that produce the best readers, and 10 ways to get them off to a great start reading By Teri Girard, CVC 2nd Grade Teacher Before children enter preschool, they have already [...]

¿Por Qué Español?

Marissa Carpenter digs deep with Señoras Rainbow, “B” (Branderhorst) and Houseward                   Tell us about your history with Spanish education [...]