Cavalier Feature: Making an Impact

We promise not to abuse the many pun opportunities afforded by this subject By Marissa Carpenter, Director of Marketing & Enrollment Each Thursday, the high school student body gathers at [...]

Get Him Talking!

6 Questions to ask your high school son “Fine.” “Yes.” “No.” Or the favorite: “I dunno.” Tired of getting mono-syllabic answers in conversation [...]

Making Room at the Table for Others

In other words: how do I encourage my high schooler to be a friend to those who appear on the fringes, not finding a core group of friends? Written by Lori Reeves, CVCHS College & Guidance [...]

4 Tips for a Focused College Visit This Summer

Getting in the college mindset (or any type of school mindset) is hard over the summer—but investing some time now will certainly pay off later! Here’s a handful of tips to help you get a head [...]