Freshmen English: Lord of the Flies

by Alecia Vanden Berg, High School English teacher Lord of the Flies by William Golding is, on the surface, a story about young British boys struggling to survive on an island after being [...]

Future of Libraries

by Dorinda Koelewyn, CVC Middle School and High School media specialist What is the future of libraries? I’m being asked that question more and more, so I think you may like to hear what I see, [...]

What’s Different?

By Larry J. Baker, Superintendent Mr. Baker, our superintendent, has been writing a series of devotions for high school and middle school students on our theme of “Fully Devoted. The [...]

You Were There Narrative

Sophomore Speech Class is a semester​-​long course where the students improve their public speaking skills. In class​,​ the students learn how to write and effectively deliver different types of [...]

Many Nations – One Church

by Pat Rainbow, CVC Middle School Bible Teacher After this I looked, and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing [...]

Cavalier Feature: New Faces

Ever see a new face on campus and wonder who they are (or maybe what their favorite breakfast is)? Wonder no longer! Welcome to the CVC community, Frank, Julie, Robin, Steve, Annette, and [...]

Lessons Learned from Kindergarten

By Amy McCutcheon, CVC Kindergarten Teacher As a Kindergarten teacher I spend much of the day saying and commenting on a variety of things. After a good conversation about some of the items I [...]


Featuring Kevin Langmaack, CVC High School Art Teacher Sometimes when your child comes home from school, you hesitate to barrage them with the typical “how was your day?” “What [...]

Cavalier Feature: Do The Robot

Written by Marissa Carpenter, Director of Marketing & Enrollment I’ve only ever heard about the days when a single computer took up an entire room. But I do remember when computers became [...]

Booster’s Golf Tournament

Sign up today for the Booster’s Golf Tournament!  September 25, 2017.  Download the Registration Form here.