Online Courses


You can take these Bible-based, online courses on-campus or at home. They are designed for distance learning situations and can be completed on your own schedule.

Maybe you want to augment your high school experience with a course that is not offered on campus. Maybe you are committed to so many honors courses that you cannot fit a high school requirement into your traditional schedule. Maybe you struggled in a course and need to retake it in order to recover those credits.

CVC Online Courses are given a grade-for-grade mark on your transcript (as opposed to summer school courses which earn a maximum transcript grade of C).

Supporting Materials

Want to learn more about taking an online course? Download the CVC brochure here.

Want to learn more about the Ignitia curriculum? Check it out here.

Want to discover which courses you can take online?

View and download the the entire Policy for CVC Online Courses.

If you have registered please sign and return the parent/student agreement.

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